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A commissioned artwork represents an investment. My commission process is designed to involve the purchaser so that the final piece compliments and enhances their existing portfolio of artwork.

References and current collectors are available upon request.

A commissioned piece begins with a consultation to discuss size, color palette, the nature of the piece (figurative, portraiture or abstract) and the specific medium. This is a detailed and personalized examination of the needs and desires of the purchaser. The purchaser can be detailed in their requests; seeking certain moods, themes or incorporating specific symbolism. Custom work can also be guided by general motifs, for example: requesting an abstract titled "Fawn" .

Please view my current work to get a feel for the nature of my
pieces, but remember that each commission is unique. A timeline will
be discussed based on many factors including size, complexity and currently scheduled obligations.

Please call or email to schedule a consultation.
A downloadable contract is available for review below.


Select link to download contract: ArtworkCommission.pdf

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