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The Bride series focuses on the female form and feminine symbolism. The work is an expression of intuition and creative power, focusing on the bride's impact on the family, children and cultures at large. The bride is often a custodian of customs, blending the traditions of her family with those of her in laws. In this role she provides a link between individual family members and their relationship with the past.

The bride's experience in merging family traditions is paralleled by the removal of dualism in the patriarchy. The divine feminine expresses herself as equal and complimentary to male figure heads, abolishing principles that have subjugated and oppressed the feminine principle.

The Bride Series also illustrates the rites-of-passage of courtship, marriage and motherhood. The bride manifests the power of resilience and the ability to navigate change with compassion and courage. This series combines figurative images with symbols that encourage the viewer to appreciate the beauty of form, but also perceive that which is internal and ultimately universal.

The completed works of The Bride Series were done in 2007. There are will be new pieces added in 2008.

The Bride In Red

Prayer to Valoel


Bride of the Christmas Rose

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